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Benzocaine Base USP, USP and Hydrochloride

  • When is benzocaine selected as an ingredient?

    Considered by formulators and laboratories when developing or manufacturing products providing temporary topical pain relief. It should be noted this product is not labelled or sold to prevent, treat, maintain your health or for personal consumption.

    What industries develop or manufacture products containing this ingredient?

    It is used as an ingredient by developers, formulators, laboratories and manufacturers in the production process of various consumables, mainly within the cosmetic and personal care industries.

    How many grades are available?

    This raw material is available in three grades, Benzocaine Base USP, Benzocaine USP, and Benzocaine Hydrochloride. Formulators and laboratories can develop and manufacture a wide range of delivery systems, from cough suppressants, lozenges, bandages, sterile pads and wipes, aerosols, creams, gels, lotions, solutions, and ointments to name a few.