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Maltodextrin Maltrin® from North America

Maltodextrin Maltrin® from North America

  • What is MALTRIN® Maltodextrin?

    MALTRIN® Maltodextrins are bland, minimally sweet white carbohydrate powders produced from corn. They vary in thickness and solubility which gives different grades of Maltodextrin different recommended uses.

    What is MALTRIN® M100 commonly used for?

    It is used as a source of energy for nutritional products, a carrier and dispersant for dry-blend mixes and seasonings, a preventer of sugar crystallization in confections, a contributor to total solids in frozen desserts and as an aid in spray drying flavours or other ingredients.

    What country is MALTRIN® Maltodextrin manufactured in?

    It is manufactured by Grain Processing Corporation (GPC) in the United States.